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Hours    29 November 2013


TMDb: 6.5/10 414 votes

A father struggles to keep his infant daughter alive in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.



Operator    21 August 2015


TMDb: 5.2/10 49 votes

When the daughter of veteran 911 call center operator Pamela, and her estranged husband Jeremy, a Senior Police Officer, is kidnapped and held hostage, they are left desperate, with no choice but to follow the kidnapper's rules: send messages through dispatch for all police and fire units to scatter to remote locations throughout the city where they are met with chaos. Not knowing who or why, the one thing they do know is if they fail to discreetly collaborate with one another - they will be solely responsible for facilitating the biggest crime in the city's history. Now they must race against the clock to make the choice of their lives - save the city - or save their daughter.

Good Time

Good Time

Good Time    11 August 2017


TMDb: 7.1/10 822 votes

After a botched bank robbery lands his younger brother in prison, Connie Nikas embarks on a twisted odyssey through New York City's underworld to get his brother Nick out of jail.

Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu    22 November 2006

ActionThrillerScience Fiction

TMDb: 6.7/10 2,546 votes

Called in to recover evidence in the aftermath of a horrific explosion on a New Orleans ferry, Federal agent Doug Carlin gets pulled away from the scene and taken to a top-secret government lab that uses a time-shifting surveillance device to help prevent crime.